Welcome to TIME-IV 2018 Regional Mathematics Conference. TIME stands for Technology Innovations in Mathematics Education which is in its 4th installment. Our Conference deals with all the aspects of technology used in mathematics whether teaching, research, presentations and visualizations, or applications.
This year the theme of the Conference is “OER” which is short for Open Educational Resources and Open Education in general. We seek to contribute to the ultimate goal of free public education for everybody without limitations. If you are excited about this possibility and you are a math professional that can help us to get closer to this ultimate goal consider participation in TIME-IV. We are also accepting other proposals dealing with application of technology in teaching of mathematics.

Registration and Proposal Form

The cost of registration is $0. The time-frame of the conference is 8:30AM-6:00PM with all the presentations in the afternoon 2:15-7:00 PM, following the SUNY OER Workshop. The deadline for early registration is April 14, 2018. The online registration is still open, you can also register on-site as well, on the day of the event. However the late registrants will not be provided with personalized documentation. The deadline for Proposals is April 7, 2018. We are strongly encouraging you to attend the workshop as well. If you are planning to do that, see the link for OER Workshop registration on the bottom of this page. Refreshments will be provided throughout with no additional fees.

Separate registrations are required for multiple presenters.

We offer 25 minutes and a limited number of 50 minutes presentation time slots.
none25 minutes50 minutes

Registration for SUNY OER Workshop on April 28 is separate. If you are attending that event as well, please register here:

SUNY OER Workshop Registration


Arrivals and registration on-site. 1:30-2:00PM, HSEC Lobby
OER Session Time, Location
SUNY OER Workshop
Sophia Geogiakaki
Tompkins Cortland CC

LRCG 101
General Session Time, Location
“Prof. BlackBoard”, or, “How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love ‘Da Bomb’”
Michael L. Daly-Jones
Suffolk County CC

LRCG 140
“Incorporating Technology into Everyday Teaching Practices In and Out of the Classroom”
Joseph Bernat
Nassau CC

LRCG 140
OER Session Time, Location
“Using R for an Elementary Statistics Course”
Adrienne Chu
Suffolk County CC

“Will OER Work for You?” [Bring on your laptop!]
Vera Hu-Hyneman
Suffolk County CC

“OER Software for Statistics”
Dave Dujmovic
Suffolk County CC

Dinner 6:00PM, HSEC A115


The first Organizing Committee meeting Nov 2, 3:30PM, SCCC-Grant, HSEC A120.
[Dave Dujmovic, Nov 1, 2017]
The second Organizing Committee meeting April 5, 3:45PM, SCCC-Grant, HSEC A114.
[Dave Dujmovic, Mar 23, 2018]


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